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Fall Cleaning

fall cleaning

Back To School Means Fall Cleaning

Sending the kids back to school means many things; the end of summer, the beginning of fall and the ramp up of school activities and a very busy schedule. That’s why the first few back to school weeks are a great time to create and conquer a fall cleaning list around the house.

Here are ten things that many people forget about during their normal cleaning routines that need to be done just before fall begins for a cleaner and more efficient home during the school months. Remember, a regular cleaning schedule and the use of green cleaning supplies can help reduce allergens and promote good health which is especially important as kids start bringing germs home from school!

1. Wash windows
It’s time to make the windows sparkle and shine! Ditch the harsh window cleaners and use a wet microfiber cloth instead.

2. Vacuum dusty window treatments
Reduce allergy woes by sucking up dust mites and other dander in this often forgotten about gathering place.

3. Clean ceiling mounts and fixtures
Another dust gathering spot that we don’t always have time to deep clean is the fixtures, the microfiber cloth again can save you from using harsh chemical cleaners in your home.

4. Wipe down cupboards
Time to get rid of all the grubby little fingerprints on the cupboard doors! Make the kitchen shine again.

5. Vacuum and spot clean upholstered furniture
After a summer’s worth of lounging and cuddling, your couches and chairs could probably use some deep cleaning. Vacuum crumbs and dander and spot clean stains with a green cleaning solution.

6. Clean out closets
The weather will soon get colder. Time to clean out the closets and get them ready for winter coats and fall jackets.

7. Change the furnace filter
Make your furnace run more efficiently with a new filter.

8. Sweep and Inspect the chimney
If you have a fire place now is the time to make sure everything is in working order.

9. Dust refrigerator condenser coil with vacuum brush attachment
Dust covered coils makes your fridge work harder than it has to, increasing your energy bill and lessening the life of your appliance.

10. wipe down and wash walls
This last little cleaning tip will brighten up your home and get you ready to decorate for fall!

Get your home pumpkin-spice ready and easily settle in to your new school year routine with a clean, well organized home just in time for fall!

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