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General Cleaning and Maintenance of a Home during the Winter Months

Although spring may just be around the corner, keeping your home clean and tidy during the winter months can go a long way towards making your residence more comfortable and habitable. Until the weather warms up you cannot just fling open the windows and run the fans to help clear away the dust, dirt and debris build-up. However, you can do quite a bit to keep your home clean and as dust-free as possible.

Take Advantage of Warm Days

If during the winter there is a day warm enough to open up the windows and doors for a while you should take advantage of the moment to do some cleaning. This is the perfect time to flush out the dust and dirt by doing a thorough job of cleaning. This will make your normal spring cleaning go a little smoother once the temperatures warm up for good.

A Little Goes a Long Way

During the winter months, dust tends to build up more rapidly because the air flow through the house is shut down and we spend more time indoors. In order to counteract the amount of dust buildup, you will need to wipe away the dust along with vacuuming and mopping more frequently. Remember to work your way from the top down, then vacuum and finally mop last in order to control the dust. If you normally clean once each week, then choose a time in the middle of the week to do extra dusting, a little vacuuming or mopping to keep the dust down.

Clean in Sections

One mistake that many people make is that they do a little dusting and then mop a little and vacuum a bit, then start dusting again. This gets you nowhere quickly as the dust simply settles back on the floor. What you want to do is complete all the dusting from the top down first, then vacuum and then mop. By dividing the work into sections, you basically pull all the dust down to the floor first and then get rid of it through vacuuming and mopping. This results in a cleaner home that actually takes less time to accomplish.

Keep Snow & Ice off the Gutters

A buildup of snow and ice can damage your gutters which in turn will bring potential water damage closer to your home. There are special covers you can use to help keep the snow and ice from building up in your gutters, but for the most part you will have to use long brushes to clear away the buildup as much as possible. Ice is more difficult to remove, so you must be careful about clearing it away otherwise you might damage the gutters.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

By using products such as lemon juice, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and the like, you will not leave behind the harsh chemicals with can linger as vapors in your home, causing allergic reactions or worse. Stick to eco-friendly products when cleaning.

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